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  • Mediterranean diet, features of the Mediterranean diet, benefits of the Mediterranean diet, dietary rules, what you can eat on the Mediterranean diet, exemplary menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner.
    14 March 2021
  • Effective exercises to lose weight fast, how to do abdominal exercises, slimming exercises.
    2 December 2020
  • The keto diet is based on the ingestion of fatty and protein-rich food, but with a very limited amount of carbs. To sit on such a diet, it's recommended that you from a couple of weeks ago. It has a lot of benefits to weight loss and improved health, but also some of the side effects.
    29 December 2019
  • Of the diet, Pierre Dukan to lose menu and the products for each and every day. The phases and steps. The description, comments, and results of the article.
    4 December 2019