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  • Diet schedule for various types of pancreatitis with a menu of arrangements (for chronic, acute, reactive forms, with exacerbations, after removal of inflammation, for children and adults), Mediterranean diet, therapeutic fasting, recipes for food dishes.
    3 December 2020
  • Foods for gout, recommended diet. Recipes and rules for cooking. Useful advice when exacerbating illness.
    4 October 2020
  • Compliance requirements and general dietary principles for pancreatitis, permitted and prohibited foods. Consequences of dietary non-compliance.
    11 September 2020
  • The characteristics of the diet of the japanese, and the use and disadvantages of permitted and prohibited products into the diet of the japanese, indications and contra-indications on the menu of a diet at 7 and 14 days of recipes-simple, delicious, out of the diet, the japanese, the comments of a nutritionist.
    12 June 2020
  • Hard, but quite effective buckwheat diet is one of the most popular methods of weight loss. Basic plus excellent performance.
    4 March 2020