The favorite diet for weight loss

Today, there is a great multitude of diets that let you lose weight in an effective way. However, the majority of them will quickly get the shroud, one that may even serve to thwart the fulfillment of its purpose. Diet favorite has gained huge popularity because of its varied menu. The diet of each and every day, during the time of the fulfillment of the radically different from the previous one, so the lack of diversity in the diet of the beloved, You suffer, you won't.

to lose weight

The diet to best the fast way to lose weight

The diet was a favorite — one of the fastest ways of losing weight. In as little as 7 days, you can lose the weight by 5 to 10 pounds. the Principle of the power of each of the 7 days of the diet is the favorite to be strictly followed. It is a kind of complex of a mono-diet, which are joined into a single file.
The benefits include the following:

  • result (a loss of up to 10 kg. per week);
  • a variety of menu items, which can be independently according to their own tastes addiction;
  • In the absence of a spin rotator are headache, weakness, and fatigue.

The indications and contra-indications are disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys, and bladder problems.

Get out of the diet, the favorite has to be gradual, in order to save the results of weight loss. In the early days after its expiration, must be used in the menu, the same dishes, with the last 7 of the balanced fund. Next is to cut calories from your diet daily, paying special attention to the physical activity.

The rules of the offer

The rules of the diet favourite diet is pretty simple. 1, 3 and 6 days, the animals and the exclusive use of water, including water, soup, morsy, soups and stews, herbal teas, and a t. d. On the second day, and the food we should be eating only vegetables, to your taste (carrots, beetroot, onions, shred the cabbage, cucumber, sweet peppers, sweet potato). On Wednesday the fruit diameter at the menu, they should be used only in the fresh fruit, especially kiwi fruit, and grapefruit, to help you quickly burn fat. On day five of the favorite diet of the menu, they are only allowed lean protein-rich foods of animal origin: (milk, yogurt, meat, poultry, fish and meat. Any other restrictions in the diet, the favorite is not. In the menu, you can make your very own preferred goods, on the basis of the daily diet.


Is there a favorite in the diet and may be any one of the products that are valid within the menu of the day. It is important to eat the peeling, there are at least 4 or 5 times a day, in order to avoid harm. It should be possible to reduce the consumption of salt, which slows down into the body of liquid oxygen, and is conducive to the onset of pulmonary edema. All of the drinks that are used, in compliance with the "beloved" without the bulk.

What do you have?

On a water day (1,3,6) the animals of any of the oxygen in the liquid: purified water, non-carbonated, black, green, herbal tea, coffee, berry liqueurs, jams, morsy, soups and stews.

The plant diameter of (2) can be used in all types of plant, especially in its raw form: shred the cabbage, cucumber, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, zucchini, onion, spinach, sweet potato, greens as well as vegetables.

The fruit of the day (4) you should just make sure you are eating fruits such as apples, bananas, pears, plums, apricots, the plums, kiwi, and oranges.

In the day-to-protein (5) in the menu, it should contain only foods that are rich in protein: the bird (cooked, cooked without skin or salt), fish, eggs, poultry, soups, stews, yogurts, non-fat, cottage cheese.

The balanced diameter of seven (7) shall be used in the menu are valid for the last 6 days of the products.


The diet is a favorite variety of menu items. On the basis of the main principle is the ingestion of a diet solely displayed the products of animals from the build-your-own menu is solely based on my own taste.
We then switch to your loved one's diet (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner):

  • Green tea;
  • The purified water;
  • The previous one;
  • Kefir 1 cup;
  • Berry jam made without the pastry.
fresh fruits and vegetables


  • Eggplant puree;
  • The Bulgarian pepper, a cucumber;
  • A salad of red cabbage with onions;
  • Some of the zucchini;
  • The vegetable stew.


  • Kefir 1 cup;
  • The tea;
  • The stock of turkeys;
  • Milk to 1 cup;
  • Water.

As part of the exhibition

  • Banana, apple, pear;
  • Drain well;
  • Fresh fruit salad;
  • Kiwi fruit;
  • The orange and pineapple.


  • 2 hard-boiled eggs;
  • Yogurt;
  • Fillet of salmon in a multivorce;
  • Cottage cheese (low percentage body fat);
  • Breast of chicken, corn, cooked with no salt at all.


  • Fruit juice from fruit, without a weight;
  • An infusion of rose hip oil;
  • The previous one;
  • Vegetable juice (tomato, carrot);
  • Cup of herbal tea.


  • The previous one;
  • A salad of cucumber, tomato, bell pepper;
  • The rabbit in a sauce of cream;
  • Banana, kiwi fruit;
  • Roll the turkey over to the double bed.

The results and the before and after photos

The results of the diet favorite it is really awesome. Some have managed, in as little as 7 days) to reset to 10 kilograms of excess weight. But this is not the most important thing. People lose weight point out the ease, a surge of strength and energy for the whole day.

This is a picture of the before, and after favorite diet:

the menu


The recipes for the diet, the favorite is a very simple and nezamyslovats. By activating your imagination, you can make your own menu that will help you to lose weight, but it's delicious.

Fresh fruit salad


  • Banana-1 pc;
  • Grapefruit-1 pc;
  • Orange-1 piece:
  • Kiwi-1 item;
  • An Apple-1 Wt.

The fruits, peel them and cut into small cubes, mix together. Delicious and healthy dessert is ready. Fresh fruit salad is perfect for lunch or dinner, on the 4th day of the diet is the favorite.



  • The chicken (especially brisket), 0.5 kg;
  • Onion-1 piece;
  • carrot-1 Wt.

A chicken of my own, put it in a pot, pour in the water, so that it is between 3 and 4 cm above the patterns of the birds. Clean the carrots and peel the onions, then add in a cooking pot, put on fire, bring to the boil, and then reduce the gas and cook till it becomes soft. The cooking time depends on the age of the birds. The beginning of the chicken, especially the former, made up by a minimum of 2 hours. Nostactivem of the broth, the onion and the carrot, they have given their taste for the spicy. It can also be served at the table.

It is highly recommended that you enable in the menu, adhering to a diet favorite, soup, meat, especially in the drinking days, in order to avoid the heavy feeling of hunger, a possible weakness, giddiness, pain in the head.

Fillet of salmon in a multivorce


  • Salmon (steak or fillet) and 500 gr.;
  • Butter-50 gr.;
  • Lemon-1 pcs;
  • Dill 30 gr.;
  • Purified water to 1 cup;
  • The salt and pepper;
  • The sheet of paper.

A lemon cut in 2 pieces. The salmon with the care of my dry, salt and pepper. From 1 to half a lemon and squeeze the juice that pickled fish. To the butter, mixing it in with the fennel, chopped fine. The Leaf is shutting down in 2 layers in the center of the property, from the fish to the top oleamos a creamy sauce, wrap in the foil square. In multiparku pour it in a glass of water, we'll send you over there for the salmon. We've included it in the mode of "Baking", with a duration of 30 minutes. We are in control, so that the water is not completely evaporated, in the case of dolivem.
On the day of protein is the favorite diet of steak and salmon, and diversify the menu for lunch and dinner.

Roll the turkey multivorce


  • 500 g of fillet of a turkey;
  • Salt, pepper and a bay leaf;
  • Purified water to 1 cup;
  • Olive oil, olive oil and 3 tablespoons of the soup.

Peru mine-cut column of 2-3 cm of the width of beats of each slice, add salt and pepper, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Send in the refrigerator for 12 to 20 hours in a vessel covered by a lid. Then, as the bird was in the marinade, but it like a piece of meat to be excellent, with a tie, a wire, or toothpicks. In slow cooker, pour a large glass of water, we'll send you a text, we have prepared a 50-to 60-minute drive. Warm the meat, it is necessary to cool it in the fridge. Serve it chopped up in bits and pieces.
Roll the turkey up in a couple of the advanced options from the menu 7-full closure of the tunnel on the day of the favorite diet, for lunch and dinner.

the stock

Many times, in order to replace a pair of three pounds too many draws for you to discharge day on apples, yogurt, and water. The discharge day is really effective to help you get in shape in no time. But what should you do to lose weight, you need more than 8 or 10 lbs? The help comes from one popular diet, which has received the name of "the Favorite" due to its high performance, the activation of the fuel and the inadequacy of the cooking.

The gist of the diet

Diet, the favorite is the number of days of fasting is clearly installed on the layout. The results of the survey found that, when the accomplishment of any of the mono, and the body of the first, it speeds up the metabolic processes and so to reduce them, which prevents you from effectively losing weight. The diet was a favorite warns of this fact, because the body does not have to adapt to the limitations it is forced to adapt drastically to the other, on account of which the fat is accumulated burn off more quickly. In the middle of a diet, the beloved will be gone for 1 kg of excess weight per day, in other words, in just 12 days, you can lose the weight in 10-to 12-pound.

By saving time in your diet, you should strictly follow the designated the graphs of the power supply is shown with the volume that will be valid for the day of the product. The independent, in its sole discretion, to change, on the order of days. The low daily caloric intake, they loved the diet does not exceed 1,000-1,200 Calories, can affect your fast, the fatigue, may cause light-headedness, darkening of the eyes, and it is, therefore, to comply with the recommended time for a vacation. The diet of the majority of the day in the favorite diet, it gives a lot of pressure on the reins, and turns on the peristaltic action of the bowel, for this reason, when the compliance with it should not be for a very long time to leave the house and property.

There are two options for the diet is a favorite:

The favorite diet of hard-and-fast 12-day event:

  • For the first 3 days, you should drink kefir (no more than 1%) in an unlimited amount;
  • Second, the 3-day you can eat an unlimited amount of apples, any variety. It is permitted to bake apples in the oven, but without the bulk;
  • Third 3-days to a healthier because their diet is fruit, in baked chicken breast without the skin, and salt to taste.
  • The final 3-day suggested consumption of 30 g of cheese and 150 ml of dry wine. In the preferences, you can substitute the wine of the pomegranate, or the juice of the grape.

The diet is the favorite in the 12-days of no wine

the fish
  • 1,3,6 – day drinking. These days, you can eat it just as a liquid (sauces, vegetables, and fruit juices, dairy products, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, and coffee). Add the salt and the mass of one oxygen to the liquid dishes are not permitted.
  • Day 2 – to the plant. It is allowed in unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables (preferably shred the cabbage). The vegetables may be there, as raw and in the form of a salad, or loaded vegetable oil (no more than 2 St's. l). Animal stew, bake, boil, cook, steam the veggies.
  • Day 4 – fruit. You can eat it without pasta, fresh fruit in unlimited amounts, preferably fresh pineapple, kiwi fruit, grapefruit.
  • Day 5: proteins. You can eat lean, protein-rich foods: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products. You can add to your diet, peas, and beans. The fried dishes are thrown away.
  • Day 7 – beak in the water (including mineral water) sparkling. The water that you can drink it in unlimited quantities.
  • Day 8 – drinking
  • Day 9 – plant;
  • Day 10 – fruit;
  • The 11 – protein;
  • 12 – fit for human consumption.

The diet is the favorite in the 12-days of no wine on the menu for the week (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner):

Day 1:

  • The juice from the tomatoes;
  • John (drums);
  • The previous one;
  • Kefir;
  • The juice of the apple.

Day 2:

  • A salad of shredded cabbage, dressed with a vegetable oil;
  • The vegetable crop (cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, tomato);
  • Vegetable stew;
  • Salad "Brush";
  • The vinaigrette.

Day 3:

  • If you think of fruit;
  • Carrot smoothie;
  • The previous one;
  • Ryazhenka;
  • The juice of the pomegranate.

Day 4:

  • Baked apple with cinnamon;
  • Orange
  • Fresh fruit salad;
  • Pomegranate;
  • There are.

Day 5:

  • Cottage cheese, dressed with yogurt of the Greek;
  • Egg, soft,
  • Corn, cooked chicken breast;
  • A cup of yogurt;
  • Steam the hamburger in the meat.

Day 6:

  • John (drums);
  • Smoothie of the celeriac (celery root);
  • The previous one;
  • Kefir;
  • The fruit in the jam.

Day 7:

  • Throughout the day you can drink only water, no gas, at any quantity.

Day 8:

  • Kefir;
  • The juice of an orange
  • The previous one;
  • The juice from the tomatoes;
  • The milk is sour.

Day 9:

  • A salad of cucumber and tomatoes;
  • Baked with Bulgarian pepper;
  • Steamed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, spinach);
  • Salad of white cabbage;
  • The vegetable stew.

Day 10:

  • Fresh fruit salad;
  • Baked pears;
  • The fruits of the crop (kiwi, pineapple, grapes);
  • Green apple;
  • Tangerines.

Day 11:

  • Omelet of 2 eggs
  • A glass of sobreStokvaWe;
  • Baked walleye;
  • Baked fillet of a turkey;
  • Croquettes of veal on the bed.

Day 12:

  • The fruit in the preserve;
  • Ryazhenka;
  • The previous one;
  • Smoothie of cucumber and celeriac (celery root);
  • Berry (drums).

The output of the correct one

To maintain the achieved weight loss, in addition to avoiding problems with the gastrointestinal tract (bloating, stomach pain, or constipation), it is necessary to output the proper dietary "Beloved".

In the first few days, you may want to include in your diet breakfast cereals (oats, wheat). For lunch, the very best of-lean soups and broths (meat, fish, vegetables). For dinner, you should give preference to low-fat KISlOMOlochnsm products (cottage cheese, kefir). It is recommended that you do not keep your diet to a low salt and the pasta and saute dishes, and don't delete it.


When you right-click on regular maintenance to keep the results of loss of weight should increase their physical activities, in order to reset the weight didn't come back. It will be enough for 2-3 intense workouts per week (gymnastics, swimming, and aerobics). Every day, you should be charging, cease use of the elevator, jog, and walk in the open air. Again, keeping a diet is a favorite to hold the shape, it is recommended that once a year.

The results

A dietary favorite of the 12 days, you can lose the weight in 10-to 12-pounds, as evidenced by the many comments on it. It is thanks to the efficiency of the diet, and it was named "Favorite". Despite resisting the force, it's not for everyone, and the result is more than justify the means, and in one day will leave not more than 1 kg of excess weight. To improve the effectiveness, it is recommended that in the course of performing the favorite diet of the physical activities moderate: the journal of the loading is taking long walks.