The diet

The desire to have a slender figure, it's not enough, you need to work on this issue, having a amazing effort. The very first thing that you should be aware of the rules of a healthy diet, or a diet. Leave all the bad habits of their usual life-style in order to become more mobile, and to speed up your metabolism and burning fat in the spacer. It's not worth thinking about it to lose weight, you can only the expensive and exotic products. It's an effective diet, based on the poor layers of the population, the simple, and the products that are available.

the diet

To get positive results, it is necessary to take a three-conditions for success of loss of weight: healthy eating, physical activity, and a good night's sleep. You will need to choose on a diet, so that it does not bring discomfort to the man who has remained always in a good mood. It's not worth depriving yourself of a favorite food, dying of starvation, and that to the best of the to focus on eating a balanced diet. The list of products will, necessarily, need to be: soup, porridge, oatmeal, dried fruits, fresh fruits, stews, and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and a variety of other nuts, dairy products.

A ranked list of diets for weight loss

The Diet Of Dukan

Speed, the diet is based on the increase in the use of the protein in the food. Comply with all the rules, you can always reset to one month prior to the 20-lb. It does not take the fast, but in the early days, it is necessary to remove all the fat and carbs from your diet and eat protein products. The energy for the processing of the protein, and it takes a lot, so the body takes it from fat stores. Gradually to the diet are entered into the and carbohydrates as well as fats. The diet is not for pregnant and lactating women. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should follow a diet in order to maintain your weight, as well as the resolution of the extra pounds in the event as a whole. In all of the capabilities and restrictions, you should consult with your doctor.

Kefir diet

It's on a strict diet in any way. But the products that are beneficial to your health. Kefir weight loss diet that is dealt with the 5 kg in 5 to 8 days, but it's tough with the app you can reset, and 14 kg in 3 to 4 weeks. You can sit down on a yogurt, and drank from his cup every 3-4 hours, not by adding to, or dough, or maple syrup. But with this diet, you can't take any more than three days. The kefir diet, supplemented with fresh fruits, buckwheat, and other products.

Dairy products from the diet

It is the fast express service of the diet involved the use of a formula, or even in conjunction with different products. The use of a milk can support in just 3 days, with drinks on the first day, a glass of milk every 2 hours, the second day of the cup of the product, each 1.5 hours, the third day, and the drink, then every hour on the hour. In between, you will need to drink clean water during this period of time, it is necessary to take a vitamin complex with water, so as not to expose the body to collapse. There is a diet in which the milk is combined with dairy products, fruit, vegetables and cooked meat or fish, and vegetables.

the group's products

Barley in the diet

In barley, beef contains a lot of my useful items: - iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and vitamins a and e in the list of The. It will help you to lose weight 6 to 8 pounds in a month. But not all of them, because they cause increased flatulence and intestinal infection. Cook was in need of water, and a night to soak in the rump for swelling, and this morning the porridge, 200 grams of barley. The nothing does not add only black pepper, to taste. You consume obtained from a, during the day, but it has nothing to do not only drink water and herbal teas. Strict diet calculated to be 5 to 7 days.

The Kremlin diet

It is interesting to lose weight to the Gym on a diet. Its essence lies in the consumption of meat and sausages. You need to count the points you eat, the products, and do not exceed the recommended number is. It lasts until you get the result, and it may be a month or even a year.

Cologne's diet

A good diet, she will often use a template. For seven days, you can easily lose 4 to 6 pounds. A characteristic feature of the diet is the ingestion of a large amount of hard-boiled eggs, and vegetables, which will give one's body a lot of protein and vitamins.

A salt-free diet

The large amount of salt in the body leads to obesity, high blood pressure, constipation, and edema. This is not a diet, and a low-calorie diet. You should exclude salt from the diet, or to eat the bare minimum.

A diet of rice

The rice diet-the most secure, because it is a grain that contains all of the body of the substance. The rice can give you the discharge day, to be held for 3 days or a week of course. Rice that has been cooked without salt, it should be divided into several receptions and a eat-at times, the conquest-a stew of fish or vegetables.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

The back-in this case, it is taken in its raw form is full of yoghurt for the bloating and within a few hours. It displays the alert, gently clean the intestines and helps to normalize the digestion, and because of this, for the week, contributing to the redesign of up to 10 kg. It is not recommended for those who have the stomach to be sick.

The diet of the apple

With this diet, there are many different versions: from 1 to 10 days. But it enjoys a lot of popularity in weeks of the dieting. You start to lose weight apples, you need to a download of the day. It is better to eat apples than batter. Not necessarily when it is consumed fresh, you can bake them in the oven, or turn them into a smoothie with yogurt, which also promotes weight loss.

The cucumber diet

The diet in cucumbers are pleasant to it, because a vegetable, delicious, and light-weight. You can be just cucumber, or turn them into salads, adding in the other vegetables, low-calorie. Because of a strict diet, it can be a stripe, so it's not worth sitting through long courses of study.

healthy eating

The diet of the oatmeal

Diet, it is a mess and is ideal for those who are overweight, and health problems. Sit the flour with the oats, it may be a week, and burn up to 10 pounds of excess fat. In the beef ma-talkie udogodnienia jak is a fiber, it briefly displays the body of toxins, or toxins. The wall of the intestine is restored, and does not accumulate harmful substances.

Gipoholesterinova diet

High levels of cholesterol cause a stroke, heart attack, and atherosclerosis. It is based on the use of fats that are bad and can cause cancer. This diet is aimed at the acceleration of the normalization of metabolic processes. Prohibited the fat the kitchen, and the food is deep-fried, are welcome to join us for foods that contain large amounts of fiber.

Kefir-the cucumber diet

This is a diet that is required because it is effective and does not require large expenditures. It is intended to apply in cases of emergency, prior to any conclusion. Dieting may be a short period of time, it is best to use the discharge day. Products are low-calorie, will not only contribute to the loss of weight, and cleanse your body of toxins.

The Montignac Diet

This diet is not based on the result, since it is based on the use of products with a low glycemic index. For this reason, you need to re-create the system from the power supply, but that's life. Eating foods with a high glycemic index, requires a selection of most of the insulin in the pancreas, which eventually leads to an increase in appetite and, as a rule, the body of the diabetes. You can of foods with a low glycemic index diet, the composition of carbohydrates is slowed down.

The model of the diet

This diet allows 3 days for weight loss of 5 kg. The diet was calculated at 3 and 7 days, but it's very clear and it is a week not everyone can afford. The essence of the diet is to consume 1000 calories per day. The last meal in the diet for up to 15 hours a day. Eat small portions 5 times a day, and drink about 2 litres of liquid oxygen. Prior to coming to this diet, you should consult with your physician, because a prolonged lack of food can affect your body.

Uncindery diet

It is the patient, not only lost weight, but it is cleaned up for your health. This diet is prescribed before performing a few abdominal surgeries. It allows you to get rid of the excess weight of 5 kilos in a week. Eat the food raw, and don't mix them, for instance, fruits, nuts, and dairy products. It can also be a technique to employ only one of the permissions you have for the products.

To the diet metabolic

The diet will help you to eliminate the 10 extra pounds a month. This value is obtained from the consumption of products that speed up the process of metabolism. The body is a hormonal change in the fund are the following: a decrease in the production of insulin and estrogen, as well as the additional increase of adrenaline and testosterone. Preference is given to protein products, and fresh vegetables.

Grapefruit diet

The diet in this fruit that is developed in different ways. It is, it will be a great deal of fruit, therefore, may not sit on a diet for people who suffer from GASTROINTESTINAL disease. They are allowed in your diet, drink fresh juices, and eat the fruit, in the form of salads and vegetables. A week on the diet, he suggests the inclusion in the diet of foods and other products.


The diet of the medicine

It is suitable for those of you to whom it was once, or is not the will to practice physical activity or sport. These courses are designed for people who are obese who are in need of the operation, so that it does not do not experience any complications at all. For the week, you can lose up to 10 kg, but the food is very scarce, and only a 3-day-per-week is allowed, a salad of seasonal vegetables, cooked meat and cottage cheese, and the rest is for drinking water, mineral water or milk.

The strawberry diet

It is usually used by the athletes during the drying process, when the carbohydrate in the food is replaced by synthesis. It is a diet that is rigorous, requiring compliance with it mandatory. A proper diet must be combined with exercises in the exercise for weight loss with drinking on the day you drink 2 liters of water.

The diet for pregnant women

During the period of the transport of the baby, the woman is required to follow the diet for the proper development of the fetus. A balanced diet allows the mother-to-be not to gain extra pounds, and do not deprive the child, and minerals. The diet should be to remove harmful products, and to eat useful food, small portions, but a lot of the time.

The Diet Of The Former Ant -

It's the comfort of eating a diet that does not require a strict restriction on the food, but the need to comply with for a long time. According to the description, and the need to consume dairy products that are rich in protein and vegetables that contain fiber. Your body has the protein to build the cells, the energy of life, and to permanently cleanse the bowel.

Freight costs and a healthy diet

It helps to relieve the 8 pounds in two weeks, but everyone is able to afford. It is recommended that the persons are working and students. It is also not recommended for the athletes. Is it allowed to drink a tub of yogurt, yoghurt, milk, fruits, and vegetables, in small amounts.

Eat a light

It is designed for those who have a disease of the digestive tract, in addition to weight-loss is a function of the health of the digestive system. Starvation diet is not to eat too much as well. To eat it can be the simple dishes that are prepared with no excess fat, steamed or boiled. Bring on the food, to the odd, and in small amounts. The food should be warm, but not hot or cold.

The opinion of an expert

This article will show you how here are several options on the diet for one simple goal — to lose weight, look more beautiful, or healthier. In fact, diet even more, but if you look at it from a scientific point of view, it is understandable that nutrition is the other way around.

Each and every issue you have chosen is special, balanced, and scientifically validated for dietary requirements. Thus, there is a certain type of diet therapy in renal disease, the disease, the biliary pathways, diet, and atherosclerosis and so on and so forth. No one has the intention to increase the number of these diets because they work.

It is the loss of weight is not the sole reason for the creation of dozens of different options for your diet, but it is enough for only a single type of energy, which corresponds to utility of your diet, but you decrease the energy of the composition, due to a reduction in eating carbohydrates, and refined fats.

It's not worth the simplification of the situation, and sat down on the mono, because it's your fault. Perhaps the only exception to this is that you can do for a diet that allows you to drive off the excess of liquid oxygen, from the body within 3-4 days, and to facilitate the work of the heart. Thus, the diet of the banana, it may cause an increase in the level of potassium in the blood, and, if the person is likely to develop, and the kidneys are malfunctioning, it can get in the hospital. Grapefruit diet should not be administered to patients with erosive-ulcerative processes in the gastro-intestinal, and so on and so forth. Thus, in the absence of contra-indications, and in some cases, relief therapy, dietetics, opus incertum, for short courses of fasting, can bring more benefits for the diet in order to reset the maximum body weight for a minimum amount of time.



The choice of courses in nutrition for many, choosing the best diet is not that difficult. It is important to not only look at what you can eat, and what not, but what about the ability to harm people's health. It's not worth getting involved in different diets, to eliminate the extra pounds, then you should choose the appropriate option, and then, from time to time, apply to you.

The diet was positive effect in the reduction of weight, you must follow these rules:

  • Observe the mode of feeding. Eating is a need, while at the same time, to better digest the nutrients, and an accelerated process of the exchange. The breakfast in the morning, it should be up to 9 o'clock, lunch at 14 o'clock, and the dinner prior to the 17th hour.
  • To eat it properly. A sign of satisfaction in the brain, it comes only after more than 20 minutes, and after that, when the stomach is full. So, to stop, to eat a need to feel a slight sensation of being hungry, and not bloated. The food must be good to chew on, and for the SOLDIER, I don't have large chunks of food.
  • No snacks, then use the products quickly to the carbohydrates: sweets, cakes, or cookies. If you desire a sweet, it is better to eat apples, plums, or apricots, which are dried, in the absence of the dark chocolate, or 1-2 slices.

To lose weight, to be sure, it is necessary not to lose sight of walking, hiking, roller-skating, or skateboarding.