Exercises to lose belly and side at home for women

The accumulation of fat in the belly and on the sides, it's only a matter of time for a lot of women. A "lifeline" in the region of the waist, it is a negative impact, not only on appearance but also on the mental health of the woman, causing her to rise in the different types of complexes, and a decrease in self-esteem. In anticipation of the figure is ideal, many of the representatives of the female sex, if they refuse to eat it altogether, and if you sit on a grueling diets, completely forgetting that getting rid of excess fat, it is part of an integrated process. For a good result, it is important for the nutrition, and the full right of exercise, and a high tenacity combined with a strong will. All of these updates with more details at a later date.

A coach from the press release

For the sake of the education of fat in the belly and on the sides

There are several reasons for the accumulation of fat in the belly and on the sides you have the ownership of receivable:

  • environment is a stressful environment, which results in a failure of the normal functioning of the human body (this means, for example, at the onset of sleep, or a sudden change in mood swings and over-eating leads to excessive weight gain,
  • hormonal failure in the body, which leads to rapid weight gain, and, as a result of the deposition of fat on the sides and in the area of the stomach;
  • poor nutrition, which includes a large number of oily, spicy and smoked foods, which will only delay the excess of water in the body and causes swelling, unwanted, or the abuse-of-fast-food chains;
  • the passive life-style, which also contributes to the deposition of fat reserves in the shortest time possible.
  • in the presence of all types of diseases – in particular, it is the diseases such as: diabetes, problems with the cardiovascular system, and a trend toward an increase in the blood pressure;
  • to a genetic predisposition.


Many people think that the stomach was flat, while that of the narrow-waisted, thin, quite stable, swing your abdominal muscles, but in fact, that is not the case. A pumping of the belly fat, and doesn't go anywhere, because they can contribute to it is only correct to the systemic anaerobic load.

The loading of the stomach

We provide you with the training facilities and the "15-50", consisting of specific exercises, which must be repeated from 15 to 50, in one approach.

The required quantity of approaches in a single year, from 1 to 3, depending on how much you prepare. To start your training, you should perform the minimum amount of exercise and gradually increase this ratio to 5 repetitions for each week of the exercises.

Exercise 1 – for the Traditional strap, with the lifting of the knee

Starting position – lying on the floor, face down. With this, it is necessary to count with an outstretched hand and the toes of the feet, the palms of the hands should be at a right angle to the shoulders and the back of the neck, and the buttocks should form a straight line. The right-back is necessary, push gently on the right elbow, then return to your original position, then the same is done with the left knee, only to fold it up, you should already have the left forearm. And so up to 15 times the minimum on each leg.

Exercise 2 – the Pattern of the universe, with the lifting of the buttock

The starting position for this exercise is similar to the previous one, the only, the hands are to be no longer in an upright position, and bent at the elbow. When you do this, press the abdominal it should be quite possible, and in the back of a don't yield it to the ground. The exercise is to slowly raise the pelvis up, you do not relaxation your abdominal muscles, and then return to its original position. The exercise is quite complex in the technical implementation, as well, in the first year is allowed for the amount of repetitions in to reduce the the five.

Exercise 3 – the pulling up of the knees, starting from the position "down"

Starting position – lie on your back with your feet relaxed, arms along the body. You must slowly, slowly, stretching out the muscles in the abdomen, and the legs up to the knees in towards the body, and then slowly return to the original position, by aligning it parallel to the ground.

Exercise 4 – "Wipers"


Starting position – lying on the ground, his arms stretched out to your sides, and legs extended at right angles to the ground. If you need to, gently and slowly lower one leg, first on the right-hand side, and then on the left, do not turn away from them to each other. Initially, it is permissible to perform the exercise with bent at the knees legs, because of the direct members are from making such dispositions is a little hard to get used to it. It is necessary to conduct a training-of-25 from tilting to either side.

Exercise 5 – pulling it to the top of the hop

Starting position – lie on your back with the legs extended along the floor, and put together, and your hands are in the back of the head with the cuffs to each other. You must press at the same time, the knees, the feet, the belly, and the hands to the heels. Once you pull up, you have to go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise again and again.

Year 6 – "Split"

The original position in the same way that the initial position is in the third year of this year. You should stretch your abdominal muscles and lift the leg from the body and into the ground at a 30-degree angle, and then lift them to the top, and the other to hang down, not even touching the ground, and you can change them one at a time. Another variation of this exercise can dilute the lift of the foot from one side to the other, and then in slow-motion to get through some of the others.

It is very effective, such training shall be in conjunction with the cardio-stress, such as walking, jogging, cycling, roller-blading, or swimming. These types of charges, you can switch to, and you can mix and match with each other, but in case you don't lose sight of the need to keep up your end of cardio training does not take up more than an hour's time.

Proper nutrition

Great value for the weight-loss you have, and proper nutrition.

In order to achieve maximum effect from the weight loss in the less time it takes to create the so-called "a deficit of calories". If you speak a common language, then you need to try to consume fewer calories than you can expend in the body throughout the day. If this is the case, he's going to start looking for other sources of energy, and you are going to use to do this, the fat cells that we are something, and they need to get rid of it. Here you can see a sample menu for a week weight loss in the belly and on the sides.

The creation of the conditions for the body in one of two ways:

  • Eat less – cut out the entry of calories in to the food (when you balance the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is not very important at all).
  • To spend more calories – to actively train, don't sit in one spot, move around (it can be, as well as in the past).

If your talking about the product, and it will, of necessity, must be limited, for the weight loss, that is:

    A twist of the waist
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • the sweets and calories from the cakes;
  • deep-fried or fatty foods.

With the addition of in the daily diet, shows a low-fat dairy, any cereals, grains, and foods are prepared using one of the following methods of heat treatment: steaming, grilling, or baking.

And, finally, the secrets that may help you throw off excess weight and eliminate the fat deposits in the belly and on the side a lot faster

  1. During the day, you should try to drink more of the liquid, the desired amount per day, a minimum of 1.5 to 2 litres (8 cups) of water.
  2. When a great love for this beverage, as a coffee shop, it is advisable to reduce your consumption to 1-2 cups per day and try to drink this beverage only for the first half of the day;
  3. You should practice the technique of the fractional power-sharing all the tricks of the food throughout the day, 5-6 small meals, with a small amount of time between them, as well, to get the feeling of being full always.
  4. Don't forget to use fibre, which helps to cleanse the body of excess toxins, and plays an active role in the breakdown of fat cells.