How to lose 7 kg in a week? Quick weight loss rules!

how to lose weight fast by 7 kg in a week

It is very possible to achieve the goal of losing 7 kg a week.

But doctors consider weight loss to be harmful to the body. However, sometimes life determines its own rules, and there are situations where you really need to lose weight.

How to lose weight by 7 kg in a week, we will tell you a little below, but we immediately say that it is better not to experiment with such weight loss.

How to lose 7 kg a week

Vegetables and fruits for weight loss

To lose 7 kg in a week, you need to carefully review your diet. Even in this situation, you do not need to review anything: you only need to eat fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the week. During the day, it is permissible to drink purified water, green tea, and freshly squeezed juice. You can forget about everything that is sweet, spicy and fatty.

Eating too many fruits and vegetables is also not recommended. One and a half to two kilograms is enough a day. For example, for breakfast, you can eat a fruit salad with a glass of low-fat yogurt. For lunch, you can eat a vegetable salad or some vegetables separately. For example, you can eat grated carrots with low-calorie sour cream. For afternoon snacks, green tea and some fruit are perfect. But dinner can be varied with boiled vegetables with an egg. This is an example menu that will be very useful to make yourself.

Rapid weight loss with tea

If there is no specific desire to make a weekly menu, as well as exercise, you can try a very extreme way to lose weight - with the help of green tea. As you know, green tea accelerates metabolism, and also promotes weight loss.

Drink only green tea throughout the day. Any beverages or other foods should not be eaten. It can be brewed in two ways: either with water or milk. For the body, there is not much difference, however, tea tastes better when brewed with milk. For one liter of liquid of your choice, you need 1 teaspoon of dried green tea mixture. Once it is brewed, you must wait at least half an hour for the slimming tea to be added. It can be drunk warm and cold.

Lose Weight Through Exercise

To lose weight this way, you need to limit your diet and exercise.

All fat, spicy, salty, smoked, as well as sweet and flour should be removed from the diet. All fermented dairy products can only be drunk without fat. Water must be drunk daily at least one and a half liters. If you have enough physical activity, of course you need to drink more.

Exercises should be given special attention. It is recommended to exercise for at least 2 hours daily to make an impact. However, you must agree that losing weight by 7 kg is losing weight fast. In principle, there are no restrictions in training. The main thing is to do continuous activities. For example, the first 20 minutes you can rotate the loop, the second 20 minutes can be given to gymnastics, then you can walk slowly, and then you can swim or ride a bike, as this is also a physical activity.

The above are 3 very effective ways to help you lose 7 kg in a week. Choose one of them and the result will surprise you!