Of The Diet, Pierre Dukan

"If you're on a diet, so to eat the flesh of vegetable, preferably not cooked, and the stem of the celery is a little pasta, "she said to me, and thou shalt eat bread meatballs, bread, and a cake for lunch". Yes, I eat hamburgers, bread, pizza, burgers, cookies, and you want to get a cake, but yes, my friends, and I'm on a diet! The truth is, on a diet! All of a sudden? All of your gratitude in this respect the eu to address a man, a French nutritionist, Pierre Dukane. After all, he was the one who invented this method of weight loss, he's the one who has created this marvelous system of nutrition, which includes the enough for an extensive list of permissions on the product, and allows you to turn them into culinary delights. All of this is very efficient, it works, brings results, and, more importantly, it allows for a good variety of eating. But first things first.

the diet of dukan

Where do you start a diet

The first and most important thing that you must do before you start a diet is to calculate it on the official site Dukan your weight, correct, as well as how to get a personal from a program, the length of every step of the way.

  1. Do not neglect the recommendations that you will receive in your e-mail address. If the program you for the weight of a 55, it means that he is the correct weight and you don't have to struggle to invent the 45-lb.
  2. Be sure to follow the suggested you are programming. If that's the programme, it was estimated that in the first phase of a 3-day, and in any case, do not prolong it for his own.

The diet is prohibited for children under the age of 18 years of age, however, according to the latest data, Dukan allowed in a diet of young men and a 17-year-old boys less than 18 years of age or older.

The phases of the diet Dukan

The essence of the diet of the French dietician if it comes down to the fact that it must be broken down into 4 phases:

The attack – the shortest of all the stages, it is important that a mechanism for performing the operation of the entire system is for weight loss.

Interlacing, or on a Cruise for a long period of a diet, for which there is a loss of the core by weight.

In the settlement, and / or strengthening of training for the transition from the body to the power supply properly, it helps to fix the achieved results and prevent the return of a set of weights.

Stabilization of a stage in which it is recommended to stick to all of one's life to maintain the achieved results.

Unchanged for all of the phases, it will be a regime of drinking at least 1.5 litres of drinking water per day.

In the first phase of the Attack

This is the shortest and most effective of all of the phases of the diet, as it is capable of performing the processes of metabolism and allows you to short of a deadline to get the early results. In the beginning of the feeding for that time period, it is based on the consumption of only the protein from the food, to the exclusion of the carbohydrates and minimizing your body fat. The duration of this phase is between 2 and 7 days.

Necessary condition for the Attack phase, is a daily intake of oat bran in the amount of 1.5 tablespoons.

The Attack phase includes the following products are allowed:

Lean cuts of meat

  • The meat of all parts, in addition to the steak, and the rib;
  • Of the calf;
  • The flesh of a horse;
  • Rabbit;
  • Food, ground beef, and beef tongue, liver, and meat.

Beef, pork and lamb, that are forbidden during an Attack

Meat, poultry,

It is allowed in any of the birds in addition to ducks and geese:

  • Chicken liver and chicken gizzard;
  • Turkey;
  • Painted;
  • Quail;
  • Partridge, and t. d

The fish

For these products, there is no limit. They are allowed to the same a variety of fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, and t. d. Advanced to this level are allowed to:

  • Canned, only, and necessarily, in its own juice;
  • Smoked fish;
  • The crab sticks.
fish in the diet of the

The fruits of the sea

As in the case of fish and seafood, all of them, without exception:

  • Shrimp;
  • The squid;
  • Enjoy;
  • Crabs, crayfish, lobsters;
  • Oysters are the second and t d


The same rules as when you select a cured ham:

  1. The fat is in 100 g of the product is not expected to exceed 4%;
  2. For the ham, it must be chicken, or nodsnonoth.

Eggs and dairy products

  • Eggs (chicken, quail) can be eaten in any form-boiled, scrambled, or fried foods, the most important thing, when frying eggs, use a non-stick pan and cook, without adding oil (when baking you can use 1 drop of oil).

If you have a high level of cholesterol in your blood, so you have to limit your intake of egg yolks to 3-4 pieces a week. The protein and can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

  • Dairy products is 0%-I-fat – a yogurt, cottage cheese, granular, soft to the vorozhka, yogurt, milk, and t. d. the Main rule for the composition of each and every one of those products that should be mass.

In the second stage, Spanning

This is what the menu will be added to the wide variety of vegetables and greens. The main rule-of-phase the pure protein days and protein vegetable.

The scheme of rotation for each one you can choose for yourself: 1/1, 2/2, and up to 5/5 stars. The last option is the most difficult of all the proposals, and it's very difficult for the body. Your very own Dukan gradually came to the view that it is the ideal and not-so-boring scheme, the speed is 1/1, that is, day 1 BO 1 a day in black and white.

With the phase switch you have been given permission to use it in the food of a very large number of vegetables:

  • A cucumber;
  • Is the tomato;
  • Pepper, Bulgarian.;
  • The radish;
  • Cabbage (all types);
  • Asparagus, kidney beans;
  • The arc.
  • The spinach;
  • Mushrooms;
  • All types of leaf lettuce;
  • To repeat the procedure;
  • The pumpkin and zucchini.

The allowed vegetables are the carrot, and beet sugar – only it should be used with some of the terms.

  • Eaten with vegetables, can be eaten in unlimited quantities;
  • In tarmouraetAnna the form of 200 grams per week;
  • The juice of the carrot, never the product.

But, sadly, not all vegetables can be eaten in this phase of the diet.

Prohibited in the krahmalovdergasia products:

  • Potatoes;
  • The kidney beans;
  • Peas;
  • Lens;
  • In the figure;
  • Corn

And it's also a block list of products includes cereals, porridge, oatmeal, and avocado, even though it is only one piece of fruit, but it is often mistakenly attributed to the plant.

In addition to protein-rich foods and vegetables by the year 2017, the doctor made a couple of changes that are related to the diet. For example, the phase of the Entanglement, Dukan decided to eat the nuts, the rate of oil, this means that we eat today, except for a portion of the nut, there is no butter in the food).

  • Almonds 25 gr.;
  • Peanuts (raw) 50 gr;
  • Roasted peanuts 35 gr.;
  • Upgrade to 22 gr.;
  • Walnut with 22 gr.;
  • The nut of the cashew-a 28-gr.;
  • In need of 21 gr.;
  • Cedar-walnut-22 gr.;
  • The sunflower seeds 30 gr.;
  • The seed from the pumpkin, 30 gr.;
  • The seed of sesame seeds 28 oz.
at the stage of fixing the

The third phase – the fixing of the

This is the most important step of all, diet, it it allows you to set the results, and don't go back to that weight. Prior to reaching the Hold, you should be aware that it has passed a long and hard road in the struggle against the extra pounds (a few people with a large overweight to the stage of the Alternation, and sometimes, it reaches up to a year, and even more. But, at least, to the end that their efforts were not in vain, it is well worth it by the end of the move to the third phase of the diet Dukan.

This is the most important thing, but at the same time, the more "play" between the fans in the power supply system. Psychologically, many people, after reaching the desired weight, they stop dieting. Joy-of-the-art, all-crimes, and, as a result, you "get it" all behind.

For the duration of the Consolidation phase is calculated by the formula 10 days for every kilo lost. That is, if you've been dumped for a 10-kg) in the diet, then, that the stage of the fixation of yours is going to last for 100 days, at 35 kg, it's almost a year, and you still have to follow all of the rules of the dr Dukan.

At this point, it is already well-known in the fluid are added to both of the following:

  • Fresh fruits;
  • Whole wheat bread;
  • Cheese;
  • New kinds of flesh.
  • Starch Products;

At this stage, you don't have to alternate days of protein and plant protein, but is required 1 of protein a day for a week, along with the products that you have been drinking at the phase of Attack (it should be, as a general rule, on the same day of the week.

The fruit

Since the Consolidation phase, you can eat 1 serving of fruit. Of course, portia is a relative term, and for human beings, it seems to be different, but on average, that is, for example, 2-damascus, or, 1 apple, a slice of watermelon, a small plate of blueberry or strawberry, and t. d.

In the phase of Consolidation is prohibited, the following fruit:

  • The bunch of bananas;
  • The wine grapes;
  • The fruit dry at all times.

Whole-grain bread

Also the addition of a new phase of the diet the Dukan bread. It is important that you choose the bread, in the composition. This is supposed to be the bread notRDEAnoth (that is, the weight of the loaf of bread is made from flour, and is exclusively from the feed), or full (this bread should only be whole wheat flour).

Portion is acceptable for the phase-in of the anchorage a – 2 slices of bread.


The following is a brand new product, at this stage, it will be the cheese. Preferably, choose a cheese of the hard or exclude the different types of cheese, such as brie, Roquefort and goat's cheese. Displayed on the shelves of the cheese, it is desirable to select as a choice of cheeses, such as:

  • Poshekhonskiy;
  • Port;
  • Dutch;
  • Netherlands, and dR's.

The main rule for the use of cheese – this is the portion of the weight shall be 40 grams.

The new types of meat

Already exists in the list of the different types of meat, you can add a few more types:

  • The ham and the lamb – the important thing is to avoid it in the beginning of the layer;
  • Roast of pork;
  • A Normal cured ham, this is the fat content of the ham already, you may not catch the eye.
products with starch, maize

Starch Products

In the first half of the stage is the attachment of the animals to 1 part of the krahmalovdeRcontém of the product in about a week, and in the second half 2 units

The calculator breaks down the process of Consolidating the half of it. You can do this by following the line of the. For example, if the calculation for fixing on the day of his retirement, to a 100-day, for the first 50 days in the first half of the second, respectively, in the second one.

The taste and the desire to choose from the products below, and enjoy the delicious food. Don't forget that it is the only one of the following my articles, you will be able to choose only one and eat it only 1 time in 7 days.

The masses

This is the category of products this is the most appropriate at this time. Important thing is to choose a pasta made from durum wheat, and is also in the process of baking, to avoid the addition of oils or fatty acids of the cheeses. In addition to the masses and you can take a small amount of parmesan cheese to the sauce, or make gravy from the fresh tomatoes.

The amount of mass is equal to 220 grams


A very useful product, rich in carbohydrates of slow, and that it is allowed to eat in the Consolidation phase. The rules are the same, as is the case with pasta, and pastries – not to use it for the preparation of the oil.

A portion of the lens is equal to 220 grams

For the couscous, polenta, bulgur

Another addition to our healthy diet food is tasty, the cuisine of the far east. In our kitchen, it is rare for the guests, but all in all, even with a small amount of you can pay for this phase of the diet. The rule for cooking is a constant, and does not add to the oil.

One serving is equal to 200 grams

Rice and potatoes

They sat down on two of the products at the end of the list, it does not go away. Out of all the innovations in rice and potatoes, recommended to consume in moderation. The rules of cooking don't have to cook with no added oil. For the rice, it's a good idea to pick a barbarian or the polished, as well as brown or basmati rice. As for the French, the rule is to master the cooking of it, it is just not a refined (cooked) in the pair or to bake in the oven.

The portion of rice is equal to 220 grams.

A portion of the potato is equal to 125 grams.

The fourth phase is the Stabilization

So here we are in the completion stage of the diet Dukan. This phase is very short, by its own terms, but it is the longest of all of the above, this is the stage in which you have to fulfill the whole of your life. But don't be afraid – you will have already come out in the correct weight, you will has already consolidated its position, and now the main task – to save his life. Or are you just trying to eat right (excluding any noxious type of pasta, fast food, and t (d). Rules are extremely simple:

  • The regimen of a drink;
  • 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day;
  • 1 pure protein day a week.
the menu of the diet

The menu for the week (for example).

In this section you will be presented with an estimate of the weekly menu, which is divided into stages. But it's worth it to pay attention to what this menu is built solely on the simple dishes that don't require a very long time. In reality, there are an awful lot of recipes that will brighten up her days, and months, progress on this diet.

And keep in mind that it diet Dukan does not limit the number of hospitals in the dishes, it is not a force to count calories. The main rule is to eat only products from the list

The Menu for the attack

Don't forget that you need to be at this point exactly how many days you have calculated in the calculator from the official site! Do not turn at this stage, on its own initiative.