How to lose weight in a week for a 7-kg — in the most efficient ways to

Looking at their reflection in the mirror, dreaming of a messiah to come to the spring, a lot of women wonder how to lose weight in a week, for at least 7 kg, a clear puffy stomach, and fat Lyashko. This is a simple, however, it is possible to.

Is it possible to lose weight 7 lbs in a week.

to lose weight 7 kg in a week

Not feeding the delusion, and restrained by evaluating the loss of weight, and women, thought how to lose 7 lbs fast? In the course are all means: water pills (diuretics), and some of the berries are laxative drugs overseas-miracle-pill-the fast and the corplan at the gym. But, then, it amounted to however, the weight loss pills have a lot side effects, as well as classes at the gym, it only added to the weight.

On the advice of the experts: the weight is great, but advice from a physician to lose weight as soon as possible it is very difficult for you. You may have health issues that need to be treated. After an extensive search, the doctor is going to help you develop a weight loss strategy without any harm to the body.

The first step to losing weight in an effective way and 7 kg, and this is the truth is simple, and the diet, opus incertum, for about a week.

How to lose weight in a week for a 7-kg — in the most effective techniques

In considering the question of how to lose weight in an independent manner, for the week of 7 kg is at home with his point of view, is a registered dietitian, you can select multiple connection lines. Each and every one of them can be called an accurate.

The best diets for weight loss

a diet to lose weight

Choosing from among the numerous diets for weight loss for the week of 7 pounds, you should keep in mind about the main rules for success:

  • it is used for a limited range of products
  • drastically reduces the amount of energy in the menu
  • minimize the entry of carbohydrates, which leads to the adaptation of the metabolism to reduce weight

Severe limitations in the diet, it is a great challenge for your physical and psychological problems. There is a high risk of failure, and the psychological blockage of the fat-burning.

There was an interesting nutritionists to include this concept as a "plateau" in the graph, the reduction of the weight of the body. At this point, the body feels a deficiency of a calorie, and it starts in emergency mode, locking in the burning of fat in the body. No need to panic! Your body has adapted to the new mode of weight loss and it will recover in a short time.

Estonian diet

This plan is in the order of a mono-diet. Each and every day, it is recommended that you use the product stretch for throughout the day. The water should be allowed to drink in the amount of not less than 1.5 l. are Excluded from the feed of the dough, the sauces, the spices, also salt, coffee, and tea.

Diameter The product Per day
on Monday Egg, chicken, boiled 6 pieces
on Tuesday Cottage cheese, reduced-fat (1 kg)
on Wednesday Grilled chicken (decoction or as a pair) 300 g.
on Thursday Cooked rice To 100 g of the grains to the boil in 1 litre of water
On Friday Potatoes, boiled with skin 6 pieces
On Saturday The apples (1 kg)
On Sunday The kefir of low fat content 1.5 l


  • diversity:
  • the weight loss effective.
  • rear bench seat, consumption of a protein and a carbohydrate;
  • there is a sufficient amount of protein to maintain muscle mass.


  • the drastic restriction of calories;
  • it is possible to in the prison of the body.
  • the near-complete elimination of carbohydrates may cause a decline in the strength.
  • contra-indications, where there are chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the heart.

The diet on the egg

The diet on the egg

If you want to lose weight in a week for a minimum of 7 lbs in the house and with the help of a diet or the food, take note of the result of the diet. For the food, it is not possible to vagenslpara asiate, vagenselsuporte his sheaves with him.

Diameter Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
1 2 eggs, grapefruit, 1 egg, an orange, 150gr of chicken 200 ml yogurt, 200 g of chicken
2 2 eggs, a glass of orange juice 2 grapefruit, 150gr of chicken 2 eggs, orange juice, 200 ml milk, low-ginott
3 1 egg, a cup of tea (at home with lemon) a grapefruit, 200 g of chicken meat 2 eggs
4 omelette of 3 eggs, with the addition of the greenery vegetable salad, 200 g chicken meat the eggs, 2 oranges
5 a salad of cooked carrots, herbs, low-fat sour cream, and two eggs 2 of carrots, fresh for one cup of juice from citrus fruit fish stew with lemon and egg
6 150gr lean cheese and a glass of fruit juice from the citrus fruits 2 eggs and an orange mineral water
7 2 eggs, half a grapefruit 200 g of beef, oranges, mineral water

Recommendation for breastfeeding: the grape very sour citrus fruit. To solve the problem of acidity, you can drink still water, mineral water, alkaline type.


  • efficient in losing 10 lbs in a week.
  • cerro chato's menu for healthy;
  • admission to the body of each of the substances;
  • llegkousvaivaemyh the protein in eggs prevents muscular dystrophy;
  • the vitamin H and it accelerates the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, it lowers the mass of the blood.
  • the enzymes in grapefruit also regulates the education of its budget, it suppresses the appetite
  • a large number of plants and prevents constipation.


  • not suitable for people with kidney disease, gout;
  • it may cause increased flatulence.

A diet with less than to dinner"

In the case of this diet to lose weight 7 kg in a week, is not the case thanks to the scarce of food, and the refuse of the dinner. The last meal should be no later than 16:00 hours. This power plan is the ideal for so-called "larks", but the "experience" that must be hard.

Day/night / meal Breakfast and lunch     Lunch  
  The product A portion of 1 of the reception   The product A portion of 1 of the reception
on Monday The fish in just a couple of 50 g / l of The egg, cooked   1 piece
  Juice from the leaves, sprinkle some olive oil on a portion Whole-grain bread   2 slices of
  Kefir is 1% 250 ml Finish cooking the meat of a chicken or a turkey   90 g
on Tuesday The product The portion to receive the The product   The portion to receive the
  celeriac (celery root) unlimited Yogurt, low-fat   1 cup
  - Wheat, cooked beef, 80 g. Cheese, cottage, low-fat   To 100 g of the
  Boiled potatoes and carrots 1 piece Oats in the water   A portion
  The bitter of the green tea 1 cup date   Part 5
On Wednesday Chicken stock with no salt 250 ml Rye bread   2 slices of
  Whole chunks of the Part 3 Veal cooked   50 g / l of
  The breast of the chicken par 50 g / l of Not   Not limited to:
      An apple, an orange   1 piece
On Thursday Wheat, corn, cooked A portion Cooked rice   a portion
  Kefir is 1% 250 ml Citrus fresh   250 ml
  Slice the tomatoes and drizzle the oil from the olive. a portion Cottage cheese, prunes   To 100 g of the
      Kiwi fruit, grapes   1 piece
On Friday - Wheat, cooked beef, 60 g The breast of the chicken par   50 g / l of
  The egg, cooked 1 piece The potatoes are cooked   1 piece
  Cucumber 1 piece Orange, apple,   1 piece
  Pepper Bulgarian. 2-piece Walnut   2-piece
      dried apricots   Part 3
On Saturday Chicken stock with no salt 100 ml Cooked rice   A portion
  Fillet of red fish over a couple of To 100 g of the Dressings on the leaves, the tomatoes, the lemon juice, sesame seeds   a portion
  Green peas 3 tablespoons of the Ot. Kiwi, banana, non-fat milk (after eating, after (30 min)   1 cup
  Rye bread 1 Pc.      
  Green tea 1 cup      
  honey 1. preparation-h.      
On Sunday Corn, cooked chicken breast 60 g Lentils cooked   A portion
  - Wheat, cooked 1 unit The flesh of the cooked wheat   To 100 g of the
  The Bulgarian red pepper 1 piece Yogurt, low-negritoStd   125 g
  Cheese, cottage, low-fat The 2 St's.tbs Almonds   30 g
  Black tea 1 cup      
  Honey 1. preparation-h.      
  The beer a few of the      


  • quick weight reduction;
  • sets up the body prior to sleep, you build fisioterapialBobhNY mode;
  • menu-balanced menu;
  • the contents of all of the required heueka of nutrients.


  • hard to stand in the midday to the next morning coffee;
  • it is not suitable for people with diseases of the gall-bladder.

Important! Regardless of the type of diet, it is important to drink even water in a volume of 1.5 to 2 l.

The complex of exercises for weight loss at home

The complex of exercises for weight loss at home

If you are thinking to yourself, " how to lose 7 lbs in a week at home, then you can't do without physical exercises. Here are some of the most effective komlEXE the burning of fat in the problem areas:

  • the belt is to the muscles of the body and of the members;
  • push – pushes, in addition to this, the muscles of the chest;
  • the squat – the muscles of the buttocks, down the backs of the hips, abdominals, lower back;
  • plié – the back squat, with widely wide-set knees, for the drying of the inner part of the thigh;
  • mahi feet, in a sitting position and a lying down to decrease the volume of the buttocks and thighs.

This is a basic exercise that you can interpret in a particular area.

To change the order, it is possible to spend only 10 minutes per day

Prior to that, how to lose weight in a week with the sport, to bring it back to normal, and the stomach, and lYashka, you must keep in mind the following:

  1. Prior to the occupation, not necessarily, you need to flex your muscles.
  2. The training must be intense, but it is in save mode.
  3. Among the approaches that you need to rest for about 30 seconds.
  4. Don't forget to have a drink in the throat, in the water between sets.
  5. Get a great workout just the right method to use.
  6. Training must, at a minimum, one hour after the meal. After your workout you should not eat for at least 2 hours
  7. To add to the complex, to dance, to do jogging or swimming. In order to speed up weight loss, it to times.

In the table below, it is shown in the close-up of the training, which will help you to solve the question of how to lose 7 lbs in a week at home. Prior to the fairs, do the exercise for all the muscle groups. after – exercise stretching.

The day of the week Maré, rio de janeiro The composition of the complex in water Duration
On Monday The burning of the fat on my stomach Initial position – sitting position. As you raise your legs, with the legs in parallel relation to the ground. Hands along the body, the body is a little bit sloping along with the floors. Hold the position for as long as you can. Gradually grow up, all the time.
    Strap in, it is with open arms. The 90-second
On Tuesday For the hips and buttocks The initial position of the foot. Pull out the foot, hold it up to the top. Repeat the same for the second leg. A 10-to-15-times
    Repeat the same exercise, but with that bent at the knee feet A 10-to-15-times
    While journeying through this. Largely to dilute to the thigh, and the back squat. When the body is not the cabeçalhá rising to the front, moving from the top to the bottom It takes about 15-20 times
On Wednesday For the belly and on the sides The twist and the bicycle. Starting position – lying on his back with his hands behind his head. Lift your knee to your chest, and a box to promote you to the meeting. Perform on both sides It takes about 15-20 times
    Board, the side with the focus on the upper arm. Can be complex: the emphasis back on the top of the arm, and the second one up The 90-second
On Thursday For your feet Lunges to the front. When the front – thigh- parallel to the floor, knees are at an angle to the Pramoj In the 20-to 30-fold
    The elevation of the pelvis. Starting position – lying on your back, feet – shoulder width apart. Taz up as high as you can In the 20-to 30-fold
On Friday In the hands Push-ups on the wall, pressing your elbows to your body 30 to 40 times
    A push in the back, with a focus on a stable surface From 25 to 30 times
On Saturday At the waist Lie on your back, lift your straight leg off the ground for about 15 to 20 cm), and one to keep. When the back touches the ground. Hold the position for as long as you can. Gradually grow up, all the time.
    Stand up straight, with your hands against your chest, and look at the back. Breath and remove chamadahnick to the up-frame – skruhas elites to the fullest. 30 to 40 times
On Sunday The chest Starting position – standing up or sitting down, back straight, upper arms, bend over to the front of the chest with the palms of her hands to one of my friends. Circular motion, pull your shoulders back, lowering is next to the shoulder blade. With Wuxilcomer to apply pressure with the palm on the palm of your hand. You can hold it between them and the ball 30 to 40 times

The use of the telephone

While some of us are trying to lose weight in a week 10 pounds with the diet and sport, others are trying to get a stomach ache and lYashka by a shower and a hairdryer.

There are several different types of in greece drugs for weight loss:

  1. They act on the CNS (noradrainergicakih and anorectic), can inhibit the feeling of hunger, and they are given only by a doctor, in rare cases, they were causing a dependency. They are the drug Reduxine, Meridia, Liraglutid, and Dr.
  2. The safety of the consumption of energy, strengthen the burning calories, increasing endurance: Carnitine, Phenotropel, Ostarine and s.
  3. The hormone is assigned to endócrinolog if you are reading: sex, thyroid-stimulating, digestive problems, hormones,.
  4. The peripheral of the impact of work on the digestive system, they block the division and absorption of lipids: Orsten, Xenical,.
  5. Psychoactive type (sibutramine) affects the mind, and reduce your appetite. They are assigned to and accepted and under the control of the physician have harmful side effects. This includes I Diet PIlcom, Yu-Shu.
  6. To reduce the level of glucose will affect the center of saturation in the hypothalamic – Siofor.
  7. Water pills (diuretics), and some of the berries are laxative cleanse the intestines and to provide an excess of water in Canada, Dulcolax Furosemide.

Before you decide to lose weight 7 kg in a week without diet pills, keep in mind that the application is allowed and the 13-year-old.

The use of hardware methods

The use of hardware methods

For those of you who want to diet to lose weight 7 kg in a week, and you are thinking about how to do this, we must pay attention to the hardware of the skill. These include the following:

  1. The system – destruction of subcutaneous fat than ultrasound. In a single session, the volume is reduced to 1-2 cm. In the course of and consists of about 10 sessions.
  2. Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin, through needles, to special fat-burning, anti-cellulite and cocktails.
  3. Vibramlinforma – combination-of-the-art fitness and hard to massage, with the help of a special device. The course for 1 or 2 months.
  4. The far infrared ray to accelerate the local blood circulation and metabolism.
  5. The hardware of a massage is to deeply affect the muscles, increases the production of collagen and elastin, and improves the body's metabolism.

With a combination of diet, both hardware and techniques, you can lose weight in a week is more than 7 kg.

The issues of professional

Nutritionists and trainers can give you the answers thorough physical exam, the question is: How is the quick and effective way to lose weight-7 kg) with no harm to your health.

You can lose weight in a week is 7 pounds without a diet?

All of the to lose weight, you don't know how it's best to lose weight 7 kg in a short of time, you will need to be fully aware of the location of the key to this question is given in the diet. It is not possible to believe in miracles is a tool, a tablet, or a device that instantly solves all of the problems with being overweight. In the struggle for thinness is to take a holistic approach. Before you decide to take part in 5 or more pounds a week in order to remove the fat from the belly, and lascah in the house, collecting all of the punch-and-change-the-style-of-life.

Harmful to lose 7 lbs in a week.

In spite of the advertising promises like "Lose weight 7 kg in a week, when the question arises as to how this can be done without any harm to your health. To lose 1 lb per day and it is amazing the load to the body. What is it possible to play the game for a day of fasting, is to not use too much water and cleaning is the ideal colon. The fat will go away much more slowly.

But, how to lose weight quickly in 7 kg in a week. To lose weight of the us deficit in calorie intake, physical activity, and a variety of new technologies. If you plug in all your ways, you can achieve the best possible results at excellent value.

According to the feedback, the more slim, lose weight 7 pounds in a short period of time – yet it is half the battle. Important to set the outcome, and do not get to the weight you have lost.


The fight against excess of weight is a hard work, but the end result is always rewarding. The body is slender and in good health is the result of a combination of a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and an optimistic attitude.