The strategy of loss of weight: how to lose weight once and for all

Here is already a year that I do not again gain weight after slimming down to the sea. During all this time, I eat the favourite food after 18:00 and sometimes after 23:00, eat a lot. But this is the more fat as before!

My clients, who I've been able to achieve stopped to sit on a diet and jumping for cardio-workouts for the week before the holiday, and have chosen a weight loss strategy. They do get angry slowly losing weight (2 kg per month), they are pleased to have received the vaccine of the truth of a advertising fast in the wake of a lifetime!!

If you are sitting now on a different diet, go make yourself a sandwich a little more and come back to read this article! Where Going to talk about to lose weight once and for all the life.

strategy slimming

Because of this we maigrissons

To begin, we'll see what happens during the weight loss process? Thus, in order to lose weight, we need to train a calorie deficit. It is necessary to spend more calories than you get. Form a deficit of calories can be in one of two ways: food and exercises. There are 3 pi, which is a supplement to the food and fitness, and is not a separate option in slimming: activity outside of the drive (your favorite 10 000 steps).

Options deficit

You can cut up the necessary food of the deficit and start to lose weight, do not walk in the room. Or you can eat chocolates and work in the room, that it was eaten. And in another case, you're going to lose weight.

And what exactly do you have to lose weight, the waist or buttocks, unknown. The result is not predictable. In the two cases. What to do after a weight loss, to save the result? On this subject, unfortunately, do not write in the recommendations on the power supply.

The deficit of calories

We start with the food. Any plan of the Internet — it is a huge deficit in calories, the renovation of the food with your, for example, who are accustomed to 2300 — 2500 to 1000 kcal per day. In itself, the food is a little important. The meaning of any diet is to create a maximum of deficit. As a result, most of the deficit, the faster the process of weight loss.

But a large deficit is primarily a violation of hormonal levels and the risk of falling.

The long-term strategy of slimming calorie deficit should be small — 200, a maximum of 400 kcal per day. Do not lower the standard daily calories up to a value of less than 1500!!! This is to lower the threshold of healthy standards for women over the age of 16.

With a small deficit of calories and the proper functioning in the room, you start to lose weight due to the subcutaneous fat. An optimal formula of weight loss 3 weeks of deficiency, iup 3 weeks of waiting. This is the first 3 weeks, you eat 200 to 400 kcal less than their daily value, iup 3 weeks eat the daily rate. But do not exceed the! This is important. Rocked a pair of kilos Iup a new circle: a lack of restraint. And so, until not find the sought-after figures. Do not recommend to sit on the deficit without restraint, as are the judgments that demotivate you to take care of this important case, which will turn your life 180 degrees.

How to calculate its rate?

Each one is individual. And when it comes to a deficit of 200 kcal — here, it is important not to be mistaken with the standard. On this by experts in nutrition, there are formulas according to your measurements. But if you can't pass such a test, the easiest way is to listen to your body by observation. Try a few days of eating 3 times a day clean food (rice, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and 20 g of butter and vegetable oil in two) and observe the changes in the weight, as well as consider the amount of food. Very difficult with such a supply of supercharging, if you do not add sugar, and a delicious sauce, or begin to wear them. In calculating the daily rate of calories for 1-2 weeks and have to the weight, which is unlikely to change for the worse, you calculate the right amount. These data will be to your body, which is very important.

Then, this rule will take 200 — 400 kcal to create rarity. More than 200 better than 300 or 400!

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There is?

All the chaos of the information about what to eat to lose weight, is nothing other than information for people who have a lot of free time to run to the shops and find the chia seeds. In the ordinary people who work 8 or more hours, raising children, and dealing with other important issues, just not the time and the opportunity to lead a life. Wear on the job the container with the food — this is cool, order finished off the meal with a normal amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate is very convenient. But the most important in the issue of weight loss, and that is what these containers you do not be tired at the end of a few weeks and you have not thrown would be a significant initiative. If you get used to chatting with colleagues at lunch-time in your well-beloved of the dining room, don't deprive yourself of this pleasure! Now, everywhere where you can find everything. The main thing — to be able to choose! Remember that the most important principle effective slimming you need to be comfortable. You don't need to feel rejected, choking the lenses in the kitchen, when all will dense of the company for the lunch.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates

The formula of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, also, each to his own. Someone who is at ease perceives the decrease of the fats and proteins in the food and starts losing weight. I melted on the eyes, when increased carbohydrates in their diet! Yes-yes, every day, pasta and cereals — with less than 16 kg of fat pure! This individual question, you will not find a single formula in the following table, you need to experiment with the card up to that will choose the perfect formula. In all cases, you're going to lose weight the caloric deficit, but start the process will help to a balanced diet. Once the cleaning of the carbohydrates in the direction of the protein violates your appetite and you wildly want to the chocolate. The basic principle is to keep in mind: in each of your meal should be proteins and fats and carbohydrates. Thus, the goal should be in the formation of good eating habits.

Them-same very important elements for the restoration of hormone levels. For a person with hormonal disorders need the assistance of a nutrition specialist. If you are relatively in a healthy individual, you can even balance the ration. Do not complicate this process, but stop, and not having obtained the result! The fact that you will be considered as a moment of calories, which are already very emotionally difficult. Start with a simple, if you can't compose a menu to a specialist. Keep the balance in carbohydrates at the level of 70% complex and 30% faster. The proteins of the calculation of 1-1,5 g per kilogram of your weight depends on the volume of your workouts) and fats and a minimum amount. But don't overdo fat products, fat, you also need! 5% cheese ideal fat.

Ratio of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates change the different formulas and look, when you're better you have a deficit of 200 kcal and when to lose weight.

Still a question on nutrition

Is it possible to eat after six? There is no difference, at what time of the day you go to take food. The recommendation not to eat after 6 related to the fact that, in this case, you skip a meal, reducing your consumption of 25% to 30%, thus the deficit of calories and you begin to lose weight. If it has already formed a deficit, you can eat in the time.

Is not recommended to eat two hours before bedtime, as this has an influence on the recovery process. Well, and, in general, the metabolic processes after 16:00 in humans, slow-motion, where the support of the opinion that one may not eat after six. But slow it does not mean that they stop simply, the work is slower. This is the kind of the average temperature of the hospital, because, if your main activity and exercise to fall on the second half of the day, your metabolism is definitely works differently. I managed to reason from 5 months to shed 16 kgs, eating every night at 22:00 — 23:00, despite the metabolism!

Choose training

Thus, after having prepared the food, it's worth understanding with workouts: what program to choose, what a load, the exercises, and, more generally, the type of fitness. The options are many, you can judge the interest. But have you ever wondered why so many people who walk in the room of years and is still far from being ideal or why, on the route of the race. a lot of obese people.

The choice of the type of sport and activity must be associated with your goals. If it comes to the creation of a beautiful body and lose weight of a lifetime, the activity shall be 70% to 80% of related to workouts aimed at growth of the muscle mass.

sleep slimming

The forces of counter-cardio

Why all the same, the priority is given to exercises? But because with them, we can grow the muscle mass, which is so necessary for a beautiful body. Cardio, on the contrary, it burns with the fat and muscles. And they have a lot of contraindications and negative effects on the process of weight loss. Cardio very want to eat, which leads to a disruption in the power supply, and delivers the claim to the comfortable, if we are in a deficit. Also cardio leads to significant increases of cortisol, which affects negatively on the process of weight loss.

But people are accustomed to compare in the front of the intake of calories cardio and force, not taking into account the essence of what we have need of your training sessions. Despite the fact that the consumption of calories during the cardio training can be twice more, in the force mode it any longer, the calories are burned in the day, after the strength training. And the most important — cardio has nothing to do with the growth of the muscle mass, which is so necessary.

Why the coach

When you hear phrases such as "the 5 best exercises on the buttocks" or "whole body Workout" and so on is only an abstraction and allegory, which help to describe one of the tools a workout. And to create a beautiful body for many years, it must first go on the workout program. You need to include strength training, and the progression of the balance and the different exercises on the same muscle group under different slope, and different load on different muscle groups in relation to the characteristics of forms and the development of functional skills. To do this, recommend that you find a professional trainer that delves deep into the subject, has experience with the same goals and help you to avoid injuries of self-learning the wrong technique. Well, if your coach will be charismatic to a specialist who will be able to simply work properly with your body, but also to give you want the psychological support and motivation, this is 90% of success in the process of your transformation.

Note that when a professional athlete prepares for a competition, it necessarily has a coach, even if that same athlete and he can quietly prepare other people in the competition. This is the case, because he himself is very difficult to achieve, even for a professional. We take the and it modifies a few repetitions, which will give the expected effect of the. Well, if you don't have the relationship with the sport, and then to compose the program and put a technique very difficult, as evidenced by many examples of people regularly involved in the room by yourself and not having even the average of the results on creating the desired figure.

The important Points that are often ignored

It is a dream. This topic is a lot written and said. I will simply say: if you do not sleep well, it is the effect of your efforts to training decreases almost two times, and necessarily followed by the failures of the power supply. Our muscle fibers are restored in a dream, and if the sleep time has been a little bit, and then the muscles are not shown, and therefore, were not increased. And we have found that the presence of muscles in the body — the guarantee of a beautiful form.

The pace of the slimming

Optimal slimming is 1.5−3 kg per month. It is, of course, on the cleanliness of the grease. You need to understand that to lose 2 kg in a months is very good, although the girlfriend Tanya has lost 7 kg in a month — and this is a bad result. Here wants to say worse! Why I accentuate on this account? Because you need to have adequate perception of this process. One of our client after a month of intensive training and standardization of food has not wished to prolong the slimming program and I asked him: "why?" She replied: "I have lost that 5 kg of your training sessions, it is so little..." only! You honda-you, the woman pushing a month of 5 kg, and if in a year, this will be 60 kg! Little?

I beg you, be careful, and think long term! Pull the creation of the perfect outline of two years, and during this period, you will be able to achieve stunning results. Reduce 2-3 sizes of clothing, you can, and for the first six months, but the rest of the time it will take to create the proportions and the topography.

exercise for weight loss

And the hormones?

If you are aware of the hormonal problems, go to a nutrition specialist you will restore the hormones. And, as a consequence, a secondary effect will be the loss of weight. After that, you will be able to balance your diet.

And if you want to lose weight quickly on a journey on the sea?

To understand this, will you do it or not, here is the table of visualization of the two strategies. Compare and select this trip a peak hormone of your body and back and then another couple pounds.

If even the penalty, the board by a plain: a large deficit and lots of training. The best loads will help cardio-vascular training. An excellent and most efficient is the result of giving the training on the system of HIIT, as well as EMS training session of the program, the same high-intensity methodology.